Privacy Policy

As per section 13 of Italian Law Decree n. 196 dated June 30, 2003 (“Privacy Law”), section 13 of the European Regulation n. 679 dated 2017 (“Data Protection Regulation”), Ruling n. 229 dated 2014 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority as well as Recommendation n. 2 dated 2001 adopted as per section 29 of Directive n. 95/46/CE, A.I.C.A.T. intends to inform its Users on the use of their personal data, of the log files and of the so- called cookies gathered by means of navigation of the Site of the congress .



The Site of the Congress makes use of cookies. Cookies are text-files saved on digital supports which allow to register some parameters and data communicated to the information system, by means of the browser used by the Users. Thus, these tools allow for an analysis of their habits in using a certain internet site.
The Site of the Congress makes use of so-called “technical”, for a profound analysis of such cookies and of the possibility of blocking their use by denying permission.
3. Data voluntarily introduced by the Users: ways and purposes of use For simple navigation of the Site of the Congress, there is no need to register, but, in order to be
able to attend the conference, we need to gather some information regarding the Users. In any case, the controller and A.I.C.A.T. commits to using the personal data of Users exclusively in the ways, terms and for the purposes listed as follows. The Controller processes personal data of Users for the following purposes:

(i) updating the Users on all the Estac13 initiatives;
(ii) performing administrative and legal obligations;
(iii) executing technical management of the Site of the Congress;
(iv) update the Users on all other projects, initiatives and future events organized by A.I.C.A.T. in
the same area of interest, by e-mails.
The data provided by Users will be processed predominantly with information systems under the authority of the Controller, by third parties specifically commissioned, authorized and instructed to the processing as per section 30 of the Privacy Law and of sections 28 and 29 of the Data Protection


Appropriate security measures, also as per sections 5 and 32 of the Privacy Data Protection, will be adopted to prevent loss of data, illicit or inappropriate uses and unauthorized
4. Optional or mandatory nature of data transfer, consequences of denial and juridical basis of the processing
In order to provide the Keep me updated Service, as well as for the purposes listed at items (ii), (iii) and (iv) of preceding section 3, transfer of the Users’ personal data is mandatory, as otherwise the Users could not be updated on all initiatives promoted and organized during the Congress and on other projects, initiatives and future events organized by A.I.C.A.T. in the same area of interest.

5. To whom and in which context the Controller may transmit the Users’ personal data The Users’ personal data may be communicated within the European Union, in full compliance of the provisions of the Privacy Law and the Data Protection Regulation, to the following entities:
(i) to public authorities, where this is mandated by law or required by the authorities;
(ii) to the external structures/companies the Controller uses for the execution of activities;
(iii) to external consultants, if not nominated Data Processor;
Above entities, to whom the Users’ data can be communicated (if not nominated Data Processor or co-responsible), will treat the Users’ personal data in their quality of Controllers as per the applicable norms, in full autonomy, not being connected to the original processing.

6. Users’ rights
Individual Users can exercise their rights as per section 7 of the Privacy Law and subsequent modifications and integrations, as well as sections 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 of the

Data Protection
Regulation at any time, by sending a written note to the Controller’s addresses as listed in preceding
section 1 and thus obtain:
 confirmation or denial of the existence of personal data of the User with indication of the related
 access, rectification, cancellation of the personal data or their limitation of processing;
 cancellation, anonymization or blocking of personal data processed in violation of the law.

Individual Users may moreover oppose to the processing of the data that relate to them, as well as revoke at any time their consent to personal data processing (without prejudice to the legitimacy of the processing based on the consent conceded previously to revocation).
As any consent conceded by Users to be contacted by means of automated tools for the purpose listed at item (iv) of preceding section 3 extends to traditional tools as well, the Users may contact the controller at any time at the addresses indicated above, to exercise their right of (partial) opposition with reference to one or another of the above mentioned modalities.

7. Duration of the processing
Except for legal obligations and for the Users’ updates on all other projects, initiatives and future events promoted by A.I.C.A.T., the Users’ personal data will be conserved for the mere duration of the Congress. In any case, the processing will not have a duration exceeding 5 years from the date of registration, as long as Users have not requested cancellation before.

Notwithstanding the above, the controller and A.I.C.A.T. may conserve some personal data of Users also after the request for termination of processing, exclusively for the scope of defending or safeguarding its rights, or in those cased as defined by law or by order of a judicial or government authority.
8. Security measures
By means of the Site of the Congress, the Users’ personal data are processed in respect of
applicable law and adopting appropriate security measures, in compliance with the regulations in
force, also as per sections 5 and 32 of the Data Protection Regulation.
In this regard, we confirm, among other things, the adoption of appropriate security measures with
the scope of inhibiting unauthorized access, theft, publication, modification of unauthorized
destruction of the Users’ data.