Sponsored Awards

Sponsored Awards

2022 TA-Instruments-AICAT Award

The AICAT Board members are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2022 TA-Instruments-AICAT Award:

Prof. Dimitrios Bikiaris, Professor at the Chemistry Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

His research interests include the synthesis and characterization of polyesters and copolymers, biobased polymers, composites and nanocomposites, 3D printing, polymer recycling, modification of natural polymers, use of polymers for contaminants removal, microplastics and application of new biocompatible polymers in tissue engineering and pharmaceutical technology. 

His scientific work has been published in more than 480 papers, with over 20500 references, and h-index 75 (scopus). 

He has also written 4 chapters in international scientific books and he holds 15 international patents. He has participated in more than 64 research projects. In 2021 he was ranked at 4990th position of the Top 2% world scientists 

He will deliver a plenary lecture entitled “Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of biobased polymers and nanocomposites” and will receive the Award at the 13th European Symposium for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ESTAC 13). We congratulate Prof. Dimitrios Bikiaris and look forward to meeting him in September in Palermo.

We would like to thank the award sponsor, TA-Instruments (https://www.tainstruments.com/), for valuable support.

2022 Rigaku-ICTAC Promising Researcher Award at ESTAC 13

The ICTAC Executive and Scientific Awards Committees are pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 Rigaku-ICTAC Promising Researcher Award:

Dr. Maria Chountoulesi, Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Pharmacy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Dr. Chountoulesi is a promising researcher and has made her contribution in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology, including the application of thermal analysis to the characterization of nanosystems, drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and biomaterials.

Her winning paper is “Utilization of Thermal Analysis to the evaluation of lyotropic lipidic liquid crystalline nanostructures intended for drug delivery applications”. She will present the paper and receive the Award at the 13th European Symposium for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ESTAC 13). We congratulate Dr. Chountoulesi and look forward to meet her in September.

We would like to thank our award sponsor, Rigaku Corporation (http://www.rigaku.com), for their support and generosity